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Rick Paxton

Rick has had a passion for shooting and collecting firearms since he first put one in his hands at age 8.  Having been an instructor for the better part of 30 years, Rick has made a commitment to the shooting community as an instructor in the military, NRA instructor and NC Concealed Carry Instructor. Also a recruiter for the NRA, Rick shows his loyalty by being a Lifetime Member as well. While living in Boone, NC in the 1990’s, Rick served on the committee for the local Friends of the NRA for two years. Most recently, Rick has had the opportunity to host a Pro-Second Amendment radio show in the Wilmington, NC market on WMYT 106.7 FM. The show, 2nd Rights, Protectors of Freedom, addressed firearm related issues including politics, hunting, target shooting and product review. The show aired for two years until October 2015. Rick also owns Southeast Gun Shows, which promotes Gun Shows across the Southeastern United States.