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Whitney J.

The class was very informative!  Not only was the instructor very knowledgeable but gave real life situations to make you think about.  The class was fun and had computer simulated laser technology that allowed us to shoot lasers at targets in the classroom.  It made me feel a little more comfortable with a gun and it was able to help with my aim and not to mention safety.   The computer also had different situations and activities to help prepare for situations.  The 8 hours went fast and we got a lot of helpful and useful information.

The range was very quiet and secluded to be able to focus and concentrate.  Mr. Baxter was always by my side in case I had any questions or concerns.  A great instructor, great class, and very informative!

Randy T.

To Mr. Sean Baxter,  I would like to say thank you for being my instructor.  Your class is very informative and educational.  Being someone that has shot guns most of my life, I will say, you’re never to old to learn.  I enjoyed taking your class and the new indoor [computerized] shooting exercise is great.  I am sure your future classes will enjoy it also.   Thank you!

Jamie D.

Before taking the Concealed Carry class, I thought the classroom part would be boring, but it was not.  My instructor, Mr. Baxter was thorough, informative and entertaining. I recommend North Carolina Concealed Carry to anyone interested in concealed carry, or even someone interested in purchasing their first handgun.

Kavita B.

The North Carolina Concealed Carry CCH class was very informative.  Lots of open discussions on different scenarios to help you understand what you should do in real life situations.  Mr. Baxter is a great instructor and made learning fun. He helped me pass my shooting test by showing me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it.  He was very patient and supportive until I passed my test.  I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who is interested.  The days were long but it was worth it!

Keiry R.

As a person without any kind of firearm experience, I have to say I really, really enjoyed every single part of the training! I learned a lot. Mr. Baxter was very clear on everything!

Erika B.

Great people and very informative. I felt very comfortable handling a gun after the class.

Larica W.

I enjoyed attending the concealed carry training class at North Carolina Concealed Carry. Sean Baxter is very knowledgeable and answered ALL of my questions (and I had a lot of them 🙂 ).  I feel that I am equipped with the knowledge to operate my firearm arm safely.  Thank you so much!

Marvin M.

Took my ccH class on 6/25/16
It was a great section.. Wish I can do it again

Tim H.

Very informative and interesting course for the beginner or veterans alike. I highly recommend it!

Sabrina S.

Took my CCH class on 4/24/2016 and I am very pleased with the presentation and the impressive knowledge that our instructor, Mr. Sean Baxter, was able to pass on to us,everything was clear and easy to understand. I highly recommend this class and am looking forward to taking more advanced classes in the near future.

Ken B.

The Concealed Carry class was great. The instructor was able to make 8 hours go by quickly and productively. The following day at the range was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. I met some really nice people in the class and I hope to see them again at future intermediate level training classes and or range dates with North Carolina Concealed Carry.  Thanks for doing this.