North Carolina Concealed Carry Permits Recognized by Nevada

As we often advise our readers, concealed carry license reciprocity often changes. It is always best practice to check and see if the state you’re traveling to or through honors your permit before heading out.

Illustrating this point is a recent change to Nevada’s reciprocity list. Starting July 1st, 2022, Nevada again honors concealed carry licenses held by residents of North Carolina.

One way to stay on top of changing reciprocity agreements, and check if a state will honor your permit, is to use our interactive reciprocity map builder. If you don’t have a permit, our map builder also shows states with constitutional and permit-less carry laws, and how that may provide you the ability to carry concealed without a license.

But these maps only provide limited information. What about standing your ground law, duty to notify, magazine capacity restrictions? These are just a few of the many things someone needs to understand about the state they are traveling to.

Here is a perfect time to remind you about the best legal resource that you can use to determine any state’s firearm laws, and much, much more. Our App called Concealed Carry Gun Tools provides legal information for every state and DC.

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