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New Hanover Advanced Pistol Class January 27th & 28th 2018


On the 27th and 28th of January, Rick Paxton will start teaching the first of a two day course that includes drawing from the holster, malfunction drills, reloading drills, moving while shooting, drawing from concealment, and defensive tactics. Additional information is below. Click Add to Cart to register.

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More About the Course

This Cclass is two full days of classroom theory and actual engagement with targets. Over the two days, the student engages the targets in numerous scenarios, in different positions, using various cover techniques and decision making when engaging in target selection. Be ready to roll on the ground and be dirty by the end of the day. The point of the class is to hone your skills on decision making when engaging targets and shot placement. Students go through 1000 rounds in the two day class. In order to participate, students should already have Concealed Carry Permit(at least have passed class and waiting on permit), a semi auto pistol, 2 magazines (3 preferred) and a holster of choice. Students need a semi auto pistol, 2 magazines minimum (3 preferred), 1000 rounds of target ammunition, comfortable rugged clothing (jeans), Jacket and hat as well as comfortable shoes to maneuver in and eye protection. We provide classroom, range, instructors, hearing protection and targets. If students need to rent firearms or eye protection, it is available for a fee. Hearing and eye protection must be worn on the range at ALL times. No exceptions!


When you sign up for this class today you will immediately receive a coupon pack valued at $185. Coupons provide discounts up to $25 on various industry proven products that you will probably need anyway. Products include: Gun law books and videos, training pistols, holsters, gun cleaning products, gun safes and cases, training tools, hearing protection, and more. Click here for more details.

More About Your Instructor

Rick Paxton, having been an instructor for the better part of 30 years, has made a commitment to the shooting community as an instructor in the military, NRA instructor and NC Concealed Carry Instructor. Also a recruiter for the NRA, Rick shows his loyalty by being a Lifetime Member. While living in Boone, NC in the 1990’s, Rick served on the committee for the local Friends of the NRA for two years. Most recently, Rick has had the opportunity to host a Pro-Second Amendment radio show in the Wilmington, NC market on WMYT 106.7 FM. 

How Do You Register For the Class:

We require pre-registration for our classes. Please click the “Add to the Cart” button above to make your payment or call us to register over the phone.

Where is the Class Held?

The course will be held at the New Hanover County Law Enforcement Officer’s Association located in Castle Hayne, NC. An exact physical address will be sent to you after you register for the course.

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What Do Rick’s Students Say About His Class?

“Rick Paxton is a knowledgeable and thorough when teaching gun safety and self defense. He is also compassionate in the classroom and recognizes the breadth of experience and capability. He teaches the subject while interjecting humorous and real accounts of situations he has seen or heard of that make the material come to life in the classroom.

If you are interested in proper and safe handling of weapons, and increasing your chances in dangerous situations, you can trust Rick to impart very helpful training that is appropriate to you rather than generic information you can read in a book.

“Rick truly cares about personal defense with emphasis on safety. He is knowledgeable and skilled, and encourages all questions in an open, friendly environment. Highly recommend his classes.

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