Gaston County Woman Defends Children from Home Invaders

Gaston County North Carolina Shooting

There are a few things that all creatures in nature inherently know; I need sustenance to live, I need to find a way to stop death, and do not come between a mother and her children. It appears that an attempted set of home invaders in Gaston County didn’t get the memo on the last rule.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 26th Sabrina Flowe was at home with her two children ages 4 and 1 when she started hearing an odd noise coming from her backyard near her rear entrance porch.

Upon hearing the noise and the fact that it kept persisting, Sabrina decided to grab her gun that her husband taught her how to use and go investigate what could be going on out back.

What was going on was that two men were attempting to break into Sabrina’s home and were working on finagling open the locked porch door. However, their attempts to get in were interrupted by a woman’s waving hand.

Sabrina told reporters that she saw the two men at the back door and pointed her gun at them as well as alerting them to her presence by holding her hand up so the men could see.

Sabrina said at that point one of the men made a beeline off the property while the other criminal stayed for a moment until Sabrina, in her own words said…

“Get the **** out of my house.”

Which the criminal obliged to do.

After the men ran off, Sabrina got on the phone to police who arrived on the scene with K-9 units in an attempt to find the perps. The police even went so far as to lock down nearby Stanley Middle School for a few moments as a precaution.

However, even with all of their tools at their disposal the police have not been able to find the two attempted home invaders as of the time this article is being written so if you are in the area of Gaston County you might want to keep your head on a swivel in case you have to make like Sabrina and be ready for a fight.

What do you think of this story? Is your home gun ready enough to handle a threat like Sabrina faced? Let us know in the comments below.

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