NASCAR Legend Richard Childress Forced to Defend his Home from Invaders

Richard Childress NASCAR Shooting

Richard Childress is known across America for many things, his own NASCAR driving career, his career as a car owner during which times he has worked with such stars as Kevin Harvick, Ricky Rudd, and the late great Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt. Well, now Mr. Childress’s name is being mentioned across this nation once again. This time for defending his home against a group of would-be robbers.

This incident occurred at Mr. Childress’s home in Reedy Creek at around 10:30 in the evening on Sunday, December 17th.

According to police reports, three men in masks went onto Childress’s property and attempted to break in through a first-floor door by breaking a small glass window near it, in order to reach the door handle. This maneuver luckily caused Childress’s security alarm to begin blaring throughout the house. This got the attention of Richard Childress himself who quickly made sure he was armed and went to investigate.

Upon seeing the group of masked criminals inside his home, Childress fired several shots at the group which collectively made a run for the door they came in from.

It is unknown at this time if any of Childress’s shots hit his target, but it did cause the group of thieves to leave his home.

At this point, none of the criminals have yet been captured by police, but Childress himself is offering $10,000 to anyone who comes forward with information leading to the capture of the people who invaded his home.

According to police, the incident will not see Childress facing any legal issues due to North Carolina’s Castle Doctrine Law.

When asked about the incident Childress told the media in no uncertain terms why he believes he was still standing at the end of the day stating that “the only reason he and his wife were here today was because of God and the Second Amendment.”

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