Man Arrested After Shooting Home Invader

Fayetteville, North Carolina—A local man was arrested after he shot another man who invaded his home last Thursday night.

Mack Jones is being held at Cumberland County jail on $100,000 bail for charges of shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Jones’ Fiancé, Mika Lowe, told WRAL her family was eating dinner before plans of setting off fireworks in celebration of Independence Day, when a man they’d never seen before stormed into their home through the front door.

According to Lowe, the stranger who police have identified as 37-year-old Michael France, began demanding that the couple turn over his belongings.

“He came straight into the door, and the dog was barking,” Lowe said. “I don’t know what stuff he was talking about. We never seen this guy a day in our life. We pushed him out the door.”

While France moved from the home and towards his vehicle, the couple followed the intruder, but with Lowe in arms reach, France reached out and grasped her.

“He grabbed my head with his right hand and hit my face on the car door while it was open,” Lowe said. “That’s when he reached inside, and then when he reached inside, that’s when Mack fired off.”

Fayetteville police say Jones fired two rounds, striking France and wounding him with non-life-threatening injuries.

Officers say they view France to be the victim at the moment but say the investigation is ongoing and changes are possible including additional charges.

Jones’ family refute the charges and demand his release on account of his pristine criminal record.

“He was trying to protect us,” Lowe said. “Like I said, the man (France) did have a firearm in (his) car.”

Though, according to WRAL, law enforcement officials declined to comment on if France had a weapon stashed within his car or not.

On Friday, Jones appeared in court before Judge David Hasty wearing shackles to hear the charges filed against him.

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There are a few things that stand out in this home defense situation that might have changed the way things turned out.

  1. Keep your front door locked. While it won’t keep out a determined intruder, it might give you time to call the police and get to your home defense weapon. At the the very least, it will slow them down.
  2. Do not follow a home intruder out of your home. Close and lock the door, then call the police for help. There is no reason to put yourself at further risk by placing yourself in grabbing distance to a man who could possibly be deranged or confused.
  3.  Get self defense insurance. If you are being wrongfully targeted by the justice system, a financial safety net is an important asset to have. Not only should a quality self-defense insurance company like USCCA fund your legal defense, the great ones also provide experts such as private investigators to insure proper procedures are followed.

What lessons stand out to you?


  1. Jerome Johnson on July 14, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Any shots fired by the home owner should have been fired in the house and not following the intruder outside then shooting him.

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