Judge Revokes Man’s Concealed Carry Permit Following Warning Shot

Daniel Ray Brown, a North Carolina resident has had his concealed carry license stripped from him following an incident with his mother at a McDonald’s at Hanes Mall last March 22.

Two men who worked for Independent Living, a group home whose residents include people living with behavioral and intellectual challenges, were at Hanes Mall just before 10 a.m. with a client in tow. One of the workers, Frederick Morgan, testified that he’d stopped at the mall to pay a bill during a planned outing with the client, whom he described as mentally ill.

The other worker, Morgan testified, said something the client didn’t like and that prompted the client to get out of the vehicle and run toward Hanes Mall Boulevard. Morgan and his co-worker chased the client past the McDonald’s and started to struggle with him.

Morgan testified that the client was yelling “Help me. They’re trying to kill me. Somebody help me.”

That’s when Brown decided to intervene. Brown believed a fight had broken out and decided he had to act. He told his mother to call 911, and pulled his semi-automatic handgun. Morgan also testified that Brown pointed his gun at the group and ordered them to produce identification.

“I’m like ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to put that gun up,’” Morgan testified.

When Brown’s instructions went unheeded, he decided to fire a bullet into the ground 3-4 feet in front of him. That got everyone’s attention, including police officers racing to the scene. Instead of a fight in progress, the initial 911 call officers now knew that a firearm was involved.

Brown, who was smart enough to place his pistol on the ground and move away from it as the police arrived, answered police questions that the gun was his and that he had a concealed carry permit.

However, during the follow-up investigation and judge’s ruling, it was deemed that Brown’s usage of his firearm was not at all needed, only adding to the danger of the situation. It was due to this that he lost his concealed carry license.

What do you think of the ruling? Do you think it was overkill or that the judge was in the right with their ruling? Let us know in the comments below.

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