Breaking : NC Gov Veto Spoils Pistol Purchase Permit Bill

gov veto

Yesterday North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed House Bill 398. Even though the bill passed along party lines with a 27-20 vote, most expected Cooper’s veto. Unfortunately, gun owners in the state will still need to get a state-issued permit before purchasing a firearm. Current North Carolina Law: Currently, North Carolina law says the state…

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Ex-Boyfriend Who Ignored Restraining Order Shot in Self-Defense

Nashville Shooting

This story out of the border road of Polk County is a textbook case of actions speaking louder than words. Joshua Cuthbertson had just gone through a break-up with his now ex-girlfriend and things ended far from well. Cuthbertson had recently been issued a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, and it was her hope that…

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