Rowan County Man Shoots Robber Breaking into Car

North Carolina Shooting

The early hours of the morning of October 3rd were anything but quiet for a Rowan County man and likely his neighbors, as shots were fired near 5:00 am on Longfield drive.

The reason for the deadly wake-up call was because of a common 19-year-old thief by the name of Jason Lambert II. See, Jason thought that he was going to get away with his “genius” heist of breaking into another man’s car. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, this car belonged to Scott Moose and Scott was already well onto Lambert’s intentions.

Unbeknownst to Lambert, Scott Moose had been recording the attempted break-in with a camera for a short time and knew exactly what Lambert was trying to do.

Eventually, Scott Moose went to go and confront Lambert by his car. It isn’t clear why Mr Moose decided to confront the suspect. This may not have been the best decision by the homeowner but what happened next was probably not anticipated.

According to Moose’s report of the incident, Lambert originally acted like he was going to walk away from the incident and get back into his own car, but suddenly and without warning, a scuffle broke out between the two.

Moose didn’t just have a camera to shoot the criminal doing something wrong. He had his trusty firearm as well.

As things got more heated, Moose eventually felt the need to shoot the oncoming Lambert, and he did striking the thief once in the head region, according to reports.

After police and ambulances were called to the scene, Jason Lambert II was taken to North East Medical Center and then eventually transferred to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. Recent reports on his well-being state that Lambert will survive the incident and will likely be seeing the inside of a jailhouse soon.

But what about Scott Moose? Well, some might say that that the car is not an extension of the home, as we have ourselves pointed out in an article here at Concealed Carry Inc. However, in this case and in this state of North Carolina, Scott Moose luckily does not have to worry about being in any legal trouble for the incident because as it states in North Carolina’s stand-your-ground law, you may use deadly force against an individual “in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered a home, motor vehicle or workplace.”

So luckily for Scott, it appears incredibly unlikely that he will be joining Jason Lambert II behind those iron bars.

What do you think of the story? Would you have done anything differently than Scott did? Let us know in the comments below.


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