Morgantown Mother Shoots and Kills Daughter’s Armed Abusive Boyfriend

Morgantown North Carolina Shooting

Our entire ethos here at is to highlight the heroes who defend their fellow citizens against the sad wave of crime washing over the United States. Perhaps nobody knows more about defending loved ones than a mother. For some, their entire life is making sure that their children are protected from danger. That is certainly the case in an incident that occurred in Morgantown last Friday.

Local Morgantown police had become well-acquainted with the Shady Acres Mobile Home Park before they were called to the scene at around 1:20 in the morning on Friday. Just two days earlier, 46-year-old Vernon Eugene Dale had been arrested for assault due to him pointing a gun at his girlfriend and girlfriend’s family while threatening them.

Just hours after he had been released from jail, Vernon couldn’t help himself but head right back to Shady Acres and follow in the exact footsteps he did previously. The only difference is that this time, the family he was terrorizing was ready for him.

Upon Dale’s arrival at his girlfriend’s family home, he proceeded to get into a huge argument with his beau and her mother. Now this time there were 2 young children in the house along with the girlfriend and her mother so the stakes were even higher should Dale begin to act violently once again.

But that’s exactly what happened and according to the women and the Morgantown police, Dale was making threats that made the ladies fear for their safety.

But Dale’s girlfriend’s mother wasn’t going to take this abuse lying down. She had a whole family to think of, as well as herself, so when Dale began to loom threatening over the family the matriarch pulled out the stops and pulled out her firearm.

Eyewitnesses say that only one shot was fired in the altercation but the woman made it count striking Dale in the head, killing him.

Morgantown police say that the shooting was in self-defense and don’t expect charges to be filed against the shooter. As for neighbors, they said that it was known Dale shouldn’t have even been in the area because he had not only gone to jail earlier that week but he was also evicted from his home in the area after getting into a fight with a worker for the mobile home park.

And while it is sad that this will certainly scar a lot of people’s holiday season, it is better to know that everyone is safe from the violent tendencies of this madman.

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