Morgantown Mother Shoots and Kills Daughter’s Armed Abusive Boyfriend

Pembroke North Carolina Shooting

Our entire ethos here at is to highlight the heroes who defend their fellow citizens against the sad wave of crime washing over the United States. Perhaps nobody knows more about defending loved ones than a mother. For some, their entire life is making sure that their children are protected from danger. That is certainly the case in an incident that occurred in Morgantown last Friday.

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Ex-Boyfriend Who Ignored Restraining Order Shot in Self-Defense

Nashville Shooting

This story out of the border road of Polk County is a textbook case of actions speaking louder than words. Joshua Cuthbertson had just gone through a break-up with his now ex-girlfriend and things ended far from well. Cuthbertson had recently been issued a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, and it was her hope that…

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