Fayetteville Man Defends Himself from 3 Would-Be Robbers

North Carolina Shooting

Last Thursday night was quite an eventful one in Fayetteville, as the city saw a rare taste of the wild west when a shootout struck up in a hotel parking lot.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Extended Stay America Hotel in the 900 block of Country Club Drive. According to police reports a group of three young men, Christopher S. Grubbs, Malike A. Newsam, and Antwan K. Lawrence were waiting in a hotel parking lot attempting to find targets for an attempted robbery.

Eventually, a man that the three thought would be a good target arrived at the hotel. This man’s name has not yet been released by authorities but what is known is that for the three young men this was the wrong target to choose.

However, Malike Newsam and Antwan Lawrence did not know this at the time they exited the vehicle their third partner Christopher Grubbs was still occupying, waiting to make a speedy getaway.

The two men, armed themselves with firearms walked up to their target and attempted to rob the man, but this was not the way the victim was going to allow the night to go. He was not going to give in without a fight and luckily for him, he had a great equalizer he was about to introduce to the criminals, his firearm.

What followed was a brief but intense shootout which saw several rounds go flying and ended with both Newsam and Lawrence getting wounded by the gunfire.

Shortly following the chaos, local police were on the scene where they arrested Christopher Grubbs and rushed Newsam and Lawrence to the hospital where they were treated for their gunshot wounds. Following their stays in the hospital, they will be meeting Christopher Grubbs in the Cumberland County Detention Center.

As for our victim turned proud defender he has not been charged for his role in the shootout and didn’t even have to go through the chore of visiting the hospital as he was not injured in the slightest. Again going to show that a well-trained and armed civilian is a perfect solution to America’s crime problem.

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