Morgantown Mother Shoots and Kills Daughter’s Armed Abusive Boyfriend

Pembroke North Carolina Shooting

Our entire ethos here at is to highlight the heroes who defend their fellow citizens against the sad wave of crime washing over the United States. Perhaps nobody knows more about defending loved ones than a mother. For some, their entire life is making sure that their children are protected from danger. That is certainly the case in an incident that occurred in Morgantown last Friday.

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NASCAR Legend Richard Childress Forced to Defend his Home from Invaders

Richard Childress NASCAR Shooting

Richard Childress is known across America for many things, his own NASCAR driving career, his career as a car owner during which times he has worked with such stars as Kevin Harvick, Ricky Rudd, and the late great Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt. Well, now Mr. Childress’s name is being mentioned across this nation once again. This time for defending his home against a group of would-be robbers.

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Gaston County Woman Defends Children from Home Invaders

Gaston County North Carolina Shooting

There are a few things that all creatures in nature inherently know; I need sustenance to live, I need to find a way to stop death, and do not come between a mother and her children. It appears that an attempted set of home invaders in Gaston County didn’t get the memo on the last rule.

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